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Seriously like two days ago Cee-Lo Green admitted to drugging and raping a woman in 2012. He deleted his twitter account because hes admitted hes guilty and that he doesnt think raping that woman was wrong bc he drugged her first WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS.

gre4t-perhaps wtf I hope it’s not true

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coffeeforshannon tagged me for this:

1.What’s your name? Jill
2.When’s your birthday? 22nd May
3.Where are you from? Zambia/South Africa
4.Do you have a crush? Kinda sorta 
5.Favorite color? Blue
6.Write something in caps : MEH
7.Got a favorite band/artist? Coldplay/alt-J/the vaccines/lana del rey/Beyoncé
8.What’s your favorite number? 2?
9. What’s your favorite drink? Milk tea/fanta fruit twist/costa peach iced lemonade
10.Tag people

I tag gre4t-perhaps, p3rpl3xinglysw33t, coldplay

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let’s talk about the universe and make out

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"tea is just leaf water!" "yeah well coffee is just bean water!" wow, it’s. it’s like everything is made of things. this door is just wood rectangle. this poster is just ink paper. this lemonade is just lemon water. wow, it’s like you can combine ingredients to make things that are more enjoyable than the initial parts of the equation. sure is a magical world we live in

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